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Welcome to the Zacharski Web Site!

This site was created to help acquire genealogy information on the Zacharski surname.  A picture of a grandchild or two appears in the photo gallery page.  Also, Zacharski news is posted as applicable.  You are invited to stay tuned and see the site grow and learn more about the Zacharski family.

Zacharski family members are encouraged to revisit the site to find out about Zacharski genealogy and family history.

As of 8-29-2020, two past events were posted on You Tube and are available to be viewed.  They are the film clips of: John and Irene's 25th wedding anniversary celebration; and Ed and Kay Zacharski's wedding. These two events were made universally available on You Tube since they show many early Zacharski ancestors as they were in the early '60s. Both films are the handy work of Lee Anna who used his 8 MM camera at the time to record soundless video. Over the years Lee digitized these and other films and made them available to others. This You Tube posting makes the two films even more available to any family member who has access to the Internet.

The anniversary video can be accessed by clicking HERE and the wedding video by clicking HERE.

Grandchildren Photo Album

Look at the Zacharski online photo album filled with pictures of Zacharski grand children.

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